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Supply peanut coating machine,

Features Specifications:Supply peanut coating machine,

This machine is composed of charging spout,brush roll,driving part,vibration sieve ,drainage facility inlet channel.this equipment features good cleaning effect,low crashing ratio,convenient sewage discharge ,high output no enviroment pollution is a perfect processing device in the assemble line f roasting peanuts
With the introduction of the most advanced international customer service motto,New Art incpate a package of three stage services in presale,sale affer-sales,provide service f all productions ensure every product bought by the customer can bring the customer satisfacty service to 100 satisfying the customer*s needs.

Company Information

Qingdao New Art Dragon Group

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0532-85581688
  • Contact:SunGongxin(Other)
  • Last Active:13 August 2010

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