• Sell Pencil nozzle

Sell Pencil nozzle

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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd


Email:[email protected]



Contact name:Ms Guo

1.Diesel fuel injection system component are our major products. we are a constant partner to our customers, from the planning stage right through service.In short,We don't just sell a product, We offer complete soluations.

2.28years experience in diesel fuel injection system making .

3.Hundreds of coustomers all over the world.

4.Thousands of kind components produce ability.

5.We will of course continue to do so in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements of our customers and find solution.

CAT Nozzle :
2S9828 2S9828
3N1299 3N1299
4N1251 4N1251
5H5836 5H5836
5M4086 5M4086
7M4190 7M4190
7M4601 7M4601
7N9843 7N9843
7S5105 7S5105
7S8722 7S8722
8N1831 8N1831
8N3173 8N3173
8N3174 8N3174
8N3175 8N3175
8N3176 8N3176
8N3177 8N3177
8N4694 8N4694
8N4697 8N4697
8N7003 8N7005
9F4113 9F4113
9N2845 9N2845
CAT Piston Ring :

ZEXEL No. Stamping No.
105017-0020 DLLA157PN020
105017-0030 DLLA140PN003
105017-0040 DLLA160PN004
105017-0051 DLLA154PN005
105017-0061 DLLA154PN006
105017-0061\1 DLLA772PN006
105017-0061\2 DLLA568PN006
105017-0070 DLLA154PN007
105017-0090 DLLA152PN009
105017-0100 DLLA160PN010
105017-0110 DLLA154PN011
105017-0130 DLLA140PN013
105017-0140 DLLA152PN014
105017-0160 DLLA154PN016
105017-0171 DLLA154PN0171
105017-0210 DLLA150PN021
105017-0211 DLLA150PN021
105017-0220 DLLA160PN022
105017-0240 DLLA160PN024
105017-0250 DLLA154PN025
105017-0260 DLLA160PN026
105017-0280 DLLA146PN028
105017-0360 DLLA160PN036
105017-0400 DLLA154PN040
105017-0430 DLLA152PN043
105017-0441 DLLA150PN044
105017-0480 DLLA155PN048
105017-0490 DLLA154PN049
105017-0510 DLLA154PN051
105017-0530 DLLA155PN053
105017-0550 DLLA146PN055
105017-0560 DLLA150PN056
105017-0570 DLLA155PN057
105017-0580 DLLA154PN058
105017-0590 DLLA160PN059
105017-0610 DLLA154PN061
105017-0620 DLLA154PN062
105017-0630 DLLA152PN063
105017-0640 DLLA154PN064
105017-0670 DLLA154PN067
105017-0680 DLLA154PN068
105017-0690 DLLA157PN069

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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd

  • Country/Region:null
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-594-3603380
  • Contact:xiaofangguo(Manager)
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