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Features Specifications:SUPPLY RECYCLE PAPER cat litte

My company produces paper cat litter. This is a kind of new product f the pets use. Because it is mainly made of recycle paper, the product is light, soft, clean. Also, the water absbability is stronger. When designing the product, we give me consideration on the convenience the environment protection. The most imptant, it can be put into the sanitary sewer directly after use, which is very beneficial to the environment protection.
Paper cat litter is fast becoming a new favourite. its light, easy to use, has good absbency is good f the planet too. recycled, sustainable biodegradable.

100recycled paper
non toxic
renewable resource
100natural biodegradable

Company Information

Qingdao Zhengli Paper Co., Ltd. Sale

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0532-84939951
  • Contact:RenpingJi(Other)
  • Last Active:26 June 2010

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