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roof exhaust fans880-B---prote

Features Specifications:roof exhaust fans880-B---prote

Appearance of Type 880-B
turbine diameter880mm
ventilation caliber680mm(upper round)880*880mm(down square)

Advantages of Type880-B
1Non-power natural ventilation fans are faved by many businesses f their energy-saving environmental protection, the 880-type fan with its large-caliber ‘breathing ability is especially faved by chemicalplastic other special Industries.
2Its high-quality body can withst long-time wind rain; resist the erosion of crosive gases indos. It can be durable eternal lubricant no maintenance f its excellent low resistance sealed bearings.
3Wave-shaped leaves is designed based on the accurate hydrodynamics principle, increased the interface angle between the fan wind. It also can get a greater rotational fce in the breeze, avoiding the wind of all direction into the air duct, accelerating the rotation speed of the turbines.

Company Information

Shanghai Aipukeji Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-21-54530333
  • Contact:ZhangDavid(Other)
  • Last Active:10 August 2010

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