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Wenzhou Keepon Machinery Import & Export Co.,Ltd


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No.24 Plant of Liming Industrial Zone, Xincheng, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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Wenzhou Keepon Machinery Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a joint venture of 19 machinery manufactures. In order to be more professional,Website:http://www.papersheeter.com, each of our factories focuses on the production of one or two paper-related machines, and each of our factories has more than 20-year production experience in the field of printing and packaging machinery, therefore we provide high-quality, stable machines that have been used and validated by customers for long periods of time. Meanwhile our sales and after-sales service teams possess over 12-year rich experience in machine exports, providing you high-quality machines as well as comprehensive after-sales services. Moreover, Keepon company provides you with one-stop services for other related machines, including pre-purchase factory inspections, follow-up production schedule, machine inspection before shipment, loading arrangements and after-sales service. We are not only aiming to sale machines, but also hoping that our machine will bring you more porfit. The win-win cooperation is our target.

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